a post of extream randomness

[spn] faith
Oh, shit. Fuck you, LJ, you just ate my entire post. Let's try this again, with less fuckery, shall we?

I started rambling about Tumblr and how I would like to have an odd fangirl brain dump over here again. How I still read my Flist and love all of you and am so proud of all the great stuff that's happening in everyones' lives, and am here for those who are going through rough patches. I feel like my LJ is a family I'm totally connected to through a common love and that I can be gone for awhile but fall back into the ranks like nothing's happened.

Then, OH! Right. I was watching TV this morning, trying to wake up because I was writing until 2:15am last night (thanks, google docs!) and noticed Supernatural was on. I read the info (which Cox does a TERRIBLE JOB with) and was like, "Oh, shit, that's Faith!" And turned it on.

*squishes her boys*

It has literally been YEARS SINCE IVE WATCHED IT.

I'm kinda tempted to catch up since I haven't seen anything since the season 3 finale and can't even tell you what season they're on now. 5? 6? No clue. Is it worth it for me to marathon it and catch up?

God, I miss those boys. They're all grown up, now, aren't they? It's hard to believe Dean was my age when all this started-ish.


On a sideways note through my head, I wrote a 1,700 word scene from Walter Bishop's POV and found it wasn't that hard, once I got into it. And yes, that's a SCENE. ONE. TINY. SCENE. A throw-away, really, as it was written to show how he's going to drug his son for his own good. God, I love how that man thinks...he bounces around, and while that may be in character, it can also be attributed to my insomnia and impressive medication collection. Hell, I'm on two of the drugs they use to subdue Olivia and send her to the other side. Give me some cortexiphan, and I'm universe-hoppin'.

(Oh, pish, it's all prescribed meds.)

So my little casefic has turned into epic!fic as it's at 16k and I'm about halfway done.

Maybe when I finish it, I'll go over and finish writing my Ironman fic that's at 53k and really close to being finished.

Writing has totally helped me relax in a way I was missing. My brain's usually on overdrive due to all this stuff happening to me -- I sign CONTRACTS now for my art and writing, and shit, I need a break! My hobby became my job, and so THIS hobby's my escape like never before.

I leave you with this gift -- a Fringe wallpaper that makes me happy. And that, my friends, is awesome.

[st09] whaaa?
*waves* Hiya! While layers were drying yesterday, I just had to make new pretty for my desktop. Now I have Tony & Pepper AND Auggie & Annie. My shipper heart would be complete with an Olivia & Peter wallpaper, but I only have 2 monitors! *giggles*

Credits: Sanami, oxoniensis, caps by potthead, & my own texture collection.

LyricsCollapse )
While I ADORE these two as a couple, I think they BOTH have some issues to overcome before I get shippy happiness. But that's okay -- like my other desktop ship, they'll get there in due time.
[st09] whaaa?
+ Had a fantastic weekend with jun_inohara & ageha_ya, and nothing beats watching Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Beetlejuice at the Vic with a bunch of drunk, sarcastic people. I've never experienced a movie theater like this, and instantly wished all were like this. It's like a big party with your friends, cheap drinks, and funny radio show hosts. I felt like the chaperon, as I had to carry the cameras and take the photos; Nick Digilio is a very funny, nice guy, and I may have to listen to him regularly instead of only when I'm sleeping at 'jun_inohara's place.

+ Of course, said weekend means I overdid it and have spent today reading and playing in Photoshop. I feel like a slacker! This is a plus AND minus of working at home: I can "take the day off," but also don't get stuff done.

+ Wallpaper! What's amazing is that there are so many things I used to know how to do that I've completely forgotten and thus have to re-learn. My design work's improved to the point that I like what I'm making.

+ Credits to oxoniensis , vbrush, bitbox, & tonyedwstark for screencaps. My own stock photos and textures. Lyrics: Night Time by The XX I just adore the shots I managed to find for this, so I made icons, too!

+ Three icons from the wallpaper + one from IIM #27.Collapse )

[wallpaper] my empire for ashes

[ironman] dancing with the eyes
I haven't made one of these in YEARS. Excuse me as I bite my nails. Aim to make another this weekend, but I've gotta pack for a weekend of dinner, karaoke, and the Brew & View show Monday and want to get some writing before I leave.

+ Credits to oxoniensis , vbrush, Chrysti, & tonyedwstark for screencaps. Lyrics from Middle Cyclone by Neko Case.

+ Next up, the plane scene. Because I've never been a huge RDJ fan, but his eyes are pretty in that sunlight.